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The ABA and the NBA were both Basketball leagues. The ABA no longer exists, because it merged with the NBA in the 1970's. The ABA was only around for about 10 years.

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Q: How is the ABA different from the NBA?
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What does ABA stand for?

ABA stands for American Basketball Association. This is different than NBA.

What does NBA stand for?

The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association. This is different from the ABA.

Where were the Denver nuggets before they were in the NBA?

they were in the ABA...then merged to the NBA

What was the nba before the nba?

ABA - American Basketball Association

Was the NBA always called the NBA?

NO before the NBA was the ABA( American Basketball Assosciation)

Name of the NBA in 1946?

the NBA, but there was one more conference, and it was the ABA

In what year did the ABA and NBA merge?


Which is better ABA or NBA?

it's your opinion

What is the original name of NBA?


Who was the last NBA player with ABA experience?

That was Hall of Famer Moses Malone who began his ABA career in 1974 and ended his NBA career in 1995.

What was the former name of NBA?

The former name was the ABA.

How many teams were in the NBA in the 1950's?

when the ABA joined the NBA how many teams were there.

What are NBA 2k10 cheats?

to get the aba ball type payrespect

Did Hartford ct have a ABA basketball team?

no, but Hartford almost had a NBA team. When the NBA was expanding, the ABA team Spirits of St. Louis had thought about moving to Hartford to be one of the 4 ABA teams to join the NBA, but the Celtic ownership claimed Hartford as part of the territory, blocking the proposed move.

What is the oldest franchise in the NBA?

Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons there are other teams but they were founded in the ABA not NBA

Who has the highest field percentage as a guard in the NBA and ABA?

lewis lloyd

What were the names of the leagues before the NBA?

the ABA for American Basketball Association

Where is the ABA on NBA 2k11?

I don't think there is the ABA but there is a d-league (development league) in the game both in the association and my player mode.

How many NBA championships did the nets win?

None, but they have earned two ABA championships before the merger with the NBA

What year did Moses malone go the NBA?

Malone came over to the NBA from the ABA for the 1976-77 season.

Most double doubles in an NBA season?

Probably wilt chamberlin in the ABA, In the nba its Kevin Garnett With 71

Which basketball coach guided the Nets in both the ABA and NBA?

Kevin Loughery

How do you toggle the aba ball on in nba 2k11?

Press the arrow button on the controller

Which NBA player had the nickname Human Eraser?

Marvin Webster, a center for several teams in the ABA and NBA between 1975-1987.

Who is the only player to win ABA and NBA most vaulable player?

bob cousy