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James Masters. He scored 3 goals 30 points (total 39l). Tommy Freeman was second with 3-23 (32), and Mark Vaughan third with 1-28 (31). Paddy Bradley and Donnacha O'Connor both got 1-25 (28).

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best team

keepers...... paddy linden monaghan and oleary dublin

full back line..... mark o se Kerry, mcmenamin tyrone, Darren fay meath,

half back ..... conor gormley tyrone, thomas o se Kerry, mckeeney armagh, seamus moyinon Kerry,

midfield.... darragh o se Kerry,

half forward .... dooher tyrone, brian mcguigan tyrone, Sean kavannagh tyrone, declan o Sullivan Kerry, Fitzgerald Kerry, Michael donnellan galway, trevor giles meath, greg blaney down,

full forward line...... colm cooper Kerry, freeman monaghan, peter canavan tyrone, mickey linden down, James mccartan down,

best defender..... Darren fay marginally shades conor gormley, thomas o se, seamus moyinon

best all round player ....... trevor giles just shades donnellan and Sean kavannagh

best attacker........ peter cavavan shades mickey linden, Fitzgerald, cooper

trevor giles for best player

just a few suggestions

Perhaps Colm Cooper of Kerry.

I'd day it would be a showdown between:

The best keeper would be Stephen Cluxton fo Dublin. He is very consistent and his shot stopping cannot be 'literally' beat. Or Diarmaid Murphy perhaps.

The best Full back would be Graham Canty (Cork). Furstrates the best of full forwards, but can mess up when the pressure is on.

The best corner back would be Marc O Se of Kerry.

The best half back would be Tomás Ó Sé for Kerry or Barry Cahill for Dublin. Barry is more consistent, but Tomás has more footballing skill

The best midfielder would be either Darragh Ó Sé of Kerry or Sean Cavanagh for Tyrone. Cavanagh has great leadership skills, but for footballing ability, Darragh is your man

The best half forward would be Alan Brogan or Declan O'Sullivan. If he can get back to form from injury, Brian McGuigan of Tyrone would be up there too.

The best corner forward would be Colm 'Gooch' Cooper of Kerry. Cooper has technical ability, genius with a football. great accuracy with shots. set to beat Pat Spillanes record of nine all stars. Graham Geraghty from might just fall under the same category but not as quick witted as the Gooch.

The best full forward would be Kieran Donaghy of Kerry or Paddy Bradley of Derry. Kieran can grab anything out of the air and use it. Paddy Bradley has skill and speed to rush in on keepers and score from any angle. Skill, Bradley, Donaghy making a nuisance and annyoing the full back.

Overall maybe Colm Cooper.

A bit mad, but I hope itanswered the question, it certainly gives an insight on how to choose. :D

Martin o'Connell of Meath, hes retired now.But he was a commited and skillfull player

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James Masters. He scored 3 goals 30 points (total 39l). Tommy Freeman was second with 3-23 (32), and Mark Vaughan third with 1-28 (31). Paddy Bradley and Donnacha O'Connor both got 1-25 (28).

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Jimmy keaveney

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Q: Who is the most scoring Gaelic football player?
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