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Well, it is not 2013 yet, but the new manager of Liverpool is Brendan Rodgers. Let us assume that he will be there for 2013.

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Q: Who is the manager of Liverpool in 2013?
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What Is The Liverpool Manager's Surname at present?

The manager of Liverpool Football Club at present (2013-2014 season) is Northern Irishman Brendan Rodgers.

Who is Liverpool F.C. Reserves' team manager?

As of May 2012, the current manager of Liverpool F.C. reserves is Rodolfo Borrell.

Who was the Liverpool manager in1996?

The Liverpool manager in 2006 was the Spaniard Rafael Benitez, who took over from Gerrard Houlier in 2004.

Who is the last manager of the Liverpool Football Club?

The Current Manager of Liverpool Football Club is Rafael BenitezHowever the manager before that was Gerard HoullierRafael Benetiz

Who was the first ever manager for Liverpool FC?

William E. Barclay was the first manager of Everton and also the first manager of Liverpool, working with club secretary John McKenna.

Who will the new Liverpool manager be?

it is Roy Hodgeson

What is the Liverpool manager's surname?

Brendan Rodgers

Who is the present manager of Liverpool?

Naqi Naqvi

When will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish as manager in mid 2012.

When did Liverpool get their spanish manager Rafael Benitez?

Rafael Benitz joined Liverpool from Valencia in 2004.

Who was manager of Liverpool fc during 1991-1994?

Bob Paisley was manager of Liverpool FC from 1974 through 1983 when he retired. (He had been assistant before that.)

Who managed Liverpool after Bill Shankly?

Immediately following Bill Shankly as manager of Liverpool F.C. was Bob Paisley, who became manager on August 26, 1974.