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Most Field Hockey player salaries are not released to the public (for obvious reasons) so nobody is sure. We can assume it is someone from a larger club in Europe though.

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Q: Who is the best paid field hockey player?
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What does a hockey player get paid a game?

It depends on the amount of goals scored.each hockey player gets played at least $50 a goal or not

If an NHL hockey player is injured how does he get paid?

The trainers or coach will give him his salary

Lowest paid hockey player?

there is a minimum salary for nhl players, this changes every year

How much does a astroturf hockey player get paid?

if it's junior, than none, but i am not sure about the older people. i don;t even think they get paid!!

How much is Brett hall's salary?

Since 2007, Brett Hull has gotten paid approximately 11 million dollars annually. He is best known for being a hockey player with the St. Louis Blues.

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Do hockey players that play in the western hockey league get paid?


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Hello everyone you guys must really like hockey to search this up and the answer is all of them because they all get paid a lot adn they all skate shoot fight hit and get hit and get punch and yeah MICHEAL CHRISANTE

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IS willie O'Ree still a ice hockey player?

He'd played 6 games last year. I think he's over paid