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Q: Do hockey players that play in the western hockey league get paid?
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How much do Western Hockey League players get paid?


Do NHL hockey players get paid for games for which they are healthy scratches?

Yes. Only under suspension from the league do players not get paid per game whether they play or not.

Do hockey players get paid more than football players?


How much do the average pro female hockey players get paid?

There are currently no professional women's hockey players in North America. The women playing in the Canadian Women's Hockey League and the Western Women's Hockey League are not compensated at all to play. In fact, many of them actually have to pay to play. There are a large number of members of the Canadian and US women's national teams playing in these leagues and they are paid to train by their respective national associations as "carded" athletes. However, the amount they are paid ranges in between $1000-$2000 per month, hardly a "pro" level contract. There are professional women's hockey leagues in Europe and Russia. Their compensation is not known, but the North American players who play there are paid relatively well, although again, not anywhere close to the level of the men's pro players.

Why are hockey players paid so little?

players are paid so little because they can not organize a strike to get paid more it's always the owners that organize lockouts and plus the owners run the league unlike other sports where the players run it like the NBA

How much do field hockey players get paid?


Do you get paid to play ice hockey?

I don't, professional players do.

What type of employment do hockey players have?

# They get paid money dawgg

How much do female hockey players get paid?

There are no females in the nhl

Do NHL hockey players get paid to play for team Canada?


Do ice hockey players get paid more than soccer players?

i say soccer players cause they pay even for thier medical reasons and hockey does not and soccer gets paid because we play the whole year nonstop and we get paid everyday and more if they score

How much to the super league rugby players get paid?

Much more then Australian Rugby League players

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