Who is the best high school basketball team in Ohio?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Q: Who is the best high school basketball team in Ohio?
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Who was the Class AA Ohio High School Basketball Champions Year 1959?

East Technical High School, Cleveland, Ohio

Who the best basketball player ever?

spencer allison who goes to gibbs high school is the best basketball player ive ever metsorry wayland

What are the length of periods of high school basketball in Ohio?

usually 8 minutes

What is the best all round high school in the us?

in Ohio bethel-tate is the best school.

What is the best high school basketball team in the nation?

The dorman high school out of Roebuck, South Carolina

What is the best high school in Cincinnati Ohio?

This answer depends upon what "best" means.

What is the Highest attended High school basketball game ever in the US?

The Ohio state championship with Akron and lebron

What is the name of the best catholic school in Columbus Ohio?

Bishop Watterson High School

What state has the best high school basketball programs?

Chicago of course

Do you get a technical if you call a timeout with none left in Ohio High School boys basketball?

Yes, but not just in Ohio it's like that everywhere including the NBA.

What high school in the usa is best for learning basketball?

Either DeMatha High School or Oak Hill Academy HS

What is the best Ohio Elementary School?

Waterloo elementary