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The dorman high school out of Roebuck, South Carolina

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Q: What is the best high school basketball team in the nation?
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Who is the best high school basketball team in Ohio?


What state has the best high school basketball programs?

Chicago of course

What high school in the usa is best for learning basketball?

Either DeMatha High School or Oak Hill Academy HS

Who is the best basketball player at west bolivar high school?

The Black guy.

What is the best stern business school in the nation?

The best stern business school in the nation is the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. They rank pretty high among grad schools and have a high employment rate.

What is the best high school in Florida?

Miami Jackson senior high school it is undefeated football team in Florida and also soccer and basketball

Who is the best male basketball player at fort osage high school?

Dvante Mosby

Is duncanville high school the biggest high school in the nation?

Duncanville High School is the second largest school in the nation.:D ~HUMBERTO

Is nation high school accredited?

is the nation high school diploma fully accredited

Best basketball players?

It depends on girls or boys, college, professional, high school, and the year.

Best high school basketball team ever?

1982 Dunbar Poets, Baltimore, Maryland

When is it to late to play high school basketball?

It's never to late to play basketball in high school when your on high school. Accept when you don't try out or the season has ended.or when high school ends