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Ryan Jones, however Alun-Wyn Jones captained a match in the 2009 six nations.

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Chris Robshaw

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Q: Who is currently your English rugby union captain?
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English rugby union captain for 1985?

will carling

Who is the English captain in rugby union now?

Chris Robshaw(as of june 2013)

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Rugby union was :) the rugby union club i captain is the oldest rugby club in the world

When was Steve Smith - English rugby union - born?

Steve Smith - English rugby union - was born in 1951.

Who is the captain of the Canadian rugby union team?

Pat Riordan

Who is the 2009 England Rugby Union Captain?

Steve Borthwick

Who is a former England rugby union captain?

Bill Beaumont

Who was the England rugby union captain in 1996-99?

Bill Beaumont

Who was the Leicester rugby union captain in 2008?

Martin Corry.

Who was englands last captain?

Steve Borthwick is the current England rugby union captain, as of 2010 Six Nations.

Who has been captain most times for Wales rugby union team?

gethi jenkins

Has sale sharks english rugby union?

Yes there is a union team in the English league called Sale Sharks