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gethi jenkins

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Q: Who has been captain most times for Wales rugby union team?
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Where can rugby tickets be purchased in Wales?

Rugby tickets in Wales can be purchased at the Welsh Rugby Union. The Welsh Rugby Union has many ticket options for many rugby matches in Wales. Pre-registration is also available for matches.

How many times has the Wales rugby union team beaten the Australian rugby union team?

Wales record over Australia: PLAYED: 28 WON: 10 LOST: 17 DRAWN: 1

Was rugby union or league invented first?

Rugby union was :) the rugby union club i captain is the oldest rugby club in the world

Who has been captain the most times for the Wales rugby union team?

up to 2017 - Jonathan Matthews Humphreys (born 27 February 1969) Captained for 8 seasons.

What is then national game for wales?

Rugby union

How many times have wales beaten New Zealand in rugby union?

hi wales have not beaten new zealand since 1953

How many times have wales beaten England in rugby union?

52 times compared to England's 53 times beating Wales, but after 14th Feb it should be all square.

Who is the youngest rugby captain?

If you refer to international union then it will be Sam Warburton of Wales and Cardiff Blues at the ripe old age of just 22

How many times have Wales beaten Scotland at Rugby Union?

Wales have played Scotland 113 times, won 62 times, drawn 3 times, and lost 48 times (as of January 2009)

When did Wales rugby team establish?

Wales' first International Rugby Union match was played on February 19th 1881.

What number is Alex Cuthbert for Wales rugby union?


What is the average age of the wales rugby union team?


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