Who is better patriots or 49ers?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Well, the if you are talking about the 2010-2011 season, Patriots had a better season with a record of 14-2 while the Falcons had a record of 13-3. They were both defeated on the some playoff round so you could say the Patriots were better when your talking about their records.

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Q: Who is better patriots or 49ers?
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How many times have the 49ers beat the patriots?

Four times.

What NFL teams have won 113 games in a decade?

Patriots, 49ers.

Who are the top 3 NFL winning teams?

Patriots, 49ers, Steelers

How many times have the patriots beat the 49ers?

91,533,585,748,574,857,845,754,854,474,854,857,489,343,987,893,395,798,457,893,578,349,579,573,957,398,579,357,397,397 times

Who is better packers or 49ers?

49ers all dayy (:

Why didn't the San Francisco 49ers pick Tom Brady in the 2000 draft?

The 49ers didn't pick Tom Brady in the 2000 draft, the Patriots did

Are the Patriots the team that has won the most Super Bowls?

No, the Steelers, 49ers, and Cowboys are with 5

What nfl teams had a record of 18-1?

2007 Patriots, 1985 Bears, 1984 49ers

Who has won most Super Bowls cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers 49ers or patriots?

Steelers with 6.

What football teams are named after something in history?

The New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.

How did the Patriots get their NFL 2008 draft pick back?

They didn't. The 1st round draft choice they have in the 2008 draft was acquired from the 49ers last year in a trade the 49ers made so they could move up in the draft and select offensive tackle Joe Staley. The 49ers traded their fourth round choice in 2007 and their first round choice in 2008 for the Patriots first round choice in 2007 which the 49ers used to select Staley. The Patriots lost their first round choice in 2008, the 31st overall, but were not stripped of the 1st rounder obtained via the 49ers trade.

Who is better - Patriots or Bears?