Who invented the Run and Shoot offense?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Glen 'Tiger' Ellison wrote a book called "Run & Shoot Football: Offense of the Future." 'Mouse' Davis picked it up, was intrigued by it, and has been rightfully credited with refining it more than anyone else. It is also the foundation of the Spread Offenses or 4-5 wide offense being used througout the NCAA and NFL.

Coach Davis came out of retirement to work with June Jones and Jerry Glanville at the University of Hawaii in 2005. He then went full circle when he returned as the offensive coordinator at Portland State in 2006 with Jerry Glanville. A year following his departure from the University of Hawaii, the UH Offense with Colt Brennan, whom he helped coach went undefeated through the regular season. 'Mouse' Davis retired, again, at 72, on June 4th, 2009 from Portland State, so that he could spend more time with his new bride. Will he come back to coach again? In his words ...."Maybe." FOOTNOTE: UH was invited to the SugarBowl in 2007 where they ultimately lost to #3 Georgia. Although Mouse had already left UH for Portland at the end of the previous season, the University of Hawaii offered 'Mouse' Davis a SugarBowl ring in gratitude of his services. 'Mouse' accepted saying, "Okay, I guess you could say that my leaving UH is what helped you guys go undefeated and get to the SugarBowl."

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Q: Who invented the Run and Shoot offense?
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