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a run offense

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Q: What type of offense does redskins run?
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What type offense does NAU run?

your moms!

What type offense do the San Antonio Spurs run?

Mostly Pick and Roll

Who the best redskins defensive player?

Cliton Portis has the best overall stats for the 2011 Redskins roster for offense. On defense Laron Landry and London Fletcher have the two highest stats for the Redskins 2011 defense.

Which team is better - The Steelers or the Redskins?

The redskins are way better.

Who had the longest run in Super Bowl history?

Timmy Smith--Redskins

Which NFL teams run the west coast offense?

NFL teams that currently use the west coast offense are: - Green Bay Packers - Washington Redskins - Cincinnati Bengals - San Francisco 49ers - St. Louis Rams - Chicago Bears - Kansas City Chiefs - New York Jets - Indianapolis Colts - New York Giants

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What constitutes an "Unspecified Offense" considered a felony? What type of offense would this be? Murder, drugs, what? Thanks

What NFL teams run the spread offense?


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Carson Newman

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Hit and run is a traffic offense everywhere in the US. It is generally considered a severe offense, and will lead to arrest, followed by heavy fines if convicted.

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It is an offense in basketball that the Los Angeles Lakers run. To find out more go to