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Q: Who hit the biggest six in cricket next to afridi?
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Who hit the biggest six in cricket?

Shahid afridi. He hit 145/150 meters six to Symonds at the Waca in 2007.

Who hit the biggest six in internation cricket?

I think it is shahid afridi, yuvraj singh or chris gayle

Who is the batsman who hit 400 sixs in intertional cricket?

shahid afridi

Which batsman hit most sixes in 20-20 international cricket?


Who has hit the 12 sixes in one-day international cricket?

shahid afridi

Who has hit the most sixs ever in any version of cricket?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has hit most sixes in international cricket. In all international matches including tests, one days and T-20s he has hit 431 sixes in all leading the second placed Chris Gayle who has hit 373 sixes.

Who has hit the longest six in all t20 cricket?

Shahid Afridi( 157 meters)

Which batsman hit longest sixes in one day international cricket?

Shahid Afridi

Pakistan cricket player to hit most sixes?

Shahid Afridi,not only for Pakistan,but he is the one to hit most sixes from any country. Shahid afridi is the only player who hit most sixes

Who has hit longest six international cricket in meters?

shahid afridi 150meter against australia

Who hit longest sixer in meters in the cricket history and when?

Zaid hit a 173m six for Victoria, but in international cricket Shahid Afridi recently in March 2013 hit one for 158m!!

Who has hit the biggest six in icc world t20?

Boom Boom Afridi