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Shahid Afridi,not only for Pakistan,but he is the one to hit most sixes from any country.

Shahid afridi is the only player who hit most sixes

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Q: Pakistan cricket player to hit most sixes?
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Which cricket player hit most sixes in one odi?

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi From Pakistan has hit most sixes in ODI Cricket.He Has Hit 299 Sixes Till January 26 2012

Who has hit the most sixes in international cricket?

Pakistani player Shahid khan Afridi known as "BOOM BOOM" Afridi has hit the most sixes in international cricket.

Who has hit the most 6s in cricket?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has hit most sixes in international cricket. In all international matches including tests, one days and T-20s he has hit 431 sixes in all leading the second placed Chris Gayle who has hit 373 sixes.

Who has hit maximum number of sixes in ODI cricket?

It was Jayasurya from Srilanka had hit 11 sixes in one ODI Innings and later on Afridi from Pakistan had 11 sixes against Srilanks in 1996. I hope, the question is not about "most sixes in an ODI", but is about most sixes in ODI. As on 16-Mar-2011, it is Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) who hit 289 sixes so far! He is followed by Sanath Jayasuria (Sri Lanka)---270 sixes and Sachin Tendulkar (India)---193 sixes.

Who is cricket batsman most 6's in the world?

The current record of most sixes in ODI's is held by Pakistan's Shahid Afridi who has hit a staggering 280 sixes. A close second is Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya with 270 sixes under his belt

Who hit most sixes in one test inning?

The record of most sixes in an inning of a Test Match is goes to Wasim Akram player of Pakistan. He hit 12 sixes in an inning against Zimbabwe in 1996

How many sixes were scored at the 2011 cricket world cup?

174 sixes were hit at the 2011 Cricket World Cup and Ross Taylor of New Zealand hit the most sixes (14 sixes) at 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Who completed most centuries with sixes?

afridi of Pakistan

Which cricket player hit the most sixes in his career?

Shahid Afridi is the man who hit most sixes in his career. The total is 354 , details are Tests 52 ODIs 280 T20s 22

How many sixes hits by afridi in one day cricket?

He Has Hit The Most Number Of Sixes Which Is : 297 & Just 3 Sixes Away To Get 300 Sixes

Who has hit most sixes in odi cricket?

Chris gayle.

Who has most sixes in 20-20 cricket?

David Hussey

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