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Its gotta be Bo Jackson.

Nobody has hit a home run and scored a touchdown in the same day. Deion Sanders was the only player over to do both in the same WEEK. Surprisingly, not Bo.

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Mike Trout and Larry fitzgerald

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Q: Who hit a MLB home run and scored and NFL touchdown in the same week?
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What professional athlete hit a home run in a major league baseball game and scored a touchdown in an NFL football game in the same week in 1989?

Deion Sanders

Which pro athlete hit home run and scored touchdown in the same week in 1989?

If the week is considered to begin on Sunday, it never happened. Deion Sanders hit a homer on Monday for the Yankees and returned a punt for a touchdown the following Sunday for the Falcons, thus within a week of each other.

What athlete was the first to hit a major league home run and a professional football touchdown in the same week?

Jim Thorpe, in 1917.

Who was the only player to hit a home run in the mlb game and score a touchdown in an nfl game in the same week?

Deion Sanders

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Through Week 4 of the 2009 season, 17.1999-22000-12001-42002-22006-42007-32008-1

When is the last time the Indianapolis Colts scored a touchdown on a kickoff or punt return?

Through Week 4 of the 2009 season, that was December 16, 2007 when T. J. Rushing returned a punt 90 yards for a TD against the Oakland Raiders in the Colts 21-14 victory.

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There are very few weeks in the season when every NFL team is playing in the same week. The last time all 16 NFL home teams won in the same week was never.

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