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Q: How many career TD pass does Peyton Manning have?
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Who caught Peyton Manning's first touchdown pass?

it was Marvin harrison on their well executed slant play it was the first passing play of his career

Is Peyton Manning the quarter back with the most passes completed?

No, I believe that would be Mr. Dan Marino. Most prolific passer in NFL history - career statistics include 4,967 completions, 8,358 attempts for 61,361 yards.Peyton's carreer stats-3,131 completions, 4,890 attempts for 37,586 yards. Peyton may overtake Marino at some point, but not today.Actually,Most pass completions, career: 6,300, Brett Favre, 1992-2010Most pass attempts, career: 10,169 Brett Favre, 1991-2010Most passing yards, career 71,838 Brett Favre 1992-2010Most pass completions, season: 450, Peyton Manning, 2010Source: List of National Football League records

How much does Peyton Manning make with the broncos?

Peyton Manning signed a five-year, $96 million agreement with the broncos. In 2012 (providing that he doesn't get injured) Peyton will make $18 million. As long as he can pass a physical in March 2013, he will make $20 million dollars, and each consecutive year another $20 million until his contract expires.

Does anyone from the colts football team hold a record?

Several Colts players hold NFL records. Some of the records are: Most Two-Point Conversions, Career Two-point conversions include AFL (1960-69) and NFL (since 1994). 7 Marshall Faulk, Indianapolis, 1994-98; St. Louis, 1999-2005 Most Consecutive Field Goals 42 Mike Vanderjagt, Indianapolis, 2002-04 Most Passes Attempted, Rookie, Season 627 Andrew Luck, Indianapolis, 2012 Most Yards Gained, Rookie, Season 4,374 Andrew Luck, Indianapolis, 2012 Most Games, 300 or More Yards Passing, Career 72 Peyton Manning, Indianapolis, 1998-2010; Denver, 2012 Most Touchdown Passes, Rookie, Season 26 Peyton Manning, Indianapolis, 1998 Russell Wilson, Seattle, 2012 Most Consecutive Games, Four or More Touchdown Passes 5 Peyton Manning, Indianapolis, 2004 Most Consecutive Passes Attempted, None Intercepted 358 Tom Brady, New England, 2010-11 Most Pass Receptions, Season 143 Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis, 2002 Most Consecutive Punts, None Blocked 1,177 Chris Gardocki, Chicago, 1992-94; Indianapolis, 1995-98; Cleveland, 1999-2003; Pittsburgh, 2004-06

What team did Cliff Branch star on in the NFL?

The Raiders from 1972-1985. He had 501 career pass receptions for 8.685 yards and 67 TDs.

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