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The Minnesota State High School Hockey League. If you look at the rankings for high school hockey teams in this country on any given year, you will see that the rankings are absolutely dominated by Minnesota teams (a link to the United States High School Hockey Orgnazation's rankings is listed below).

Beyond having the most dominant teams in the country, the Minnesota High School Hockey League also has the largest State High School Hockey Tournament in the country. In fact, the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament rivals the Texas State High School Football Tournament and the Indiana State High School Basketball Tournament in attendance. The tournament draws in excess of 130,000 spectators every year and tickets to the good seats are handed down from generation to generation.

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One Opinion:

Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, RI

See the Ice Kings movie for more information.

Another Opinion:

Minnesota is known for its hockey and has more history than any other state in the U.S. with hockey, especially Rhode Island?

Another Opinion:

Boston would take it because our history triples Minnesota. we have BU, BC, Harvard and everyone else in hockey east along with 6 out of the last 8 junior national championships. But really, there is no best high school team, only good teams because they lose players every year, you know, because it is high school.

Another Opinion:

The Minnesota High School Hockey tournament is the largest High School Tournament in the nation, and has been in existence since 1905. Over a 3 day period, nearly 125,000 fans attend the games at the XCEL Energy Center, making it larger than the Florida and Texas State High School Football and Indiana High School Basketball Tournaments.

Also, the number of colleges you have in NO WAY reflects the caliber of high school hockey players. Not ALL Massachusetts players attend BC, BU, Harvard, Northeastern, etc.. Just as not ALL Minnesota players go to the U of Minnesota, St. Cloud St, Minnesota State- Mankato, Bemidji State or U of Minnesota-Duluth. Some go to Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Denver, Colorado College, New Hampshire, Cornell, Harvard, Miami of Ohio, Princeton, Yale, Michigan State, etc, etc..

To come to a logical answer, I would say look at the QUALITY of the players on the high school teams.

BTW: IT was noted that in 1992-93, Bloomington Jefferson of Minnesota had what many called the greatest High School Hockey team ever to grace the ice. They did not lose a game in nearly 2 years, while capturing the State Championship in 1992, 93 and 94. They had 8, yes 8, players who received Div. I College Hockey scholarships and 5 went on to the NHL. During a 2 year period, they never relinquished the Number 1 ranking, which is nearly unheard of in ANY High School sport.

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The Academy of Holy Angels. Richfield, Minnesota

The Catholoic Conference in Boston , Mass-Division 1-Teams include-Catholic Memorial, St John's Preparatory, Boston College High School and Malden Catholic among others.

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Edina High School in Minnesota. They've been the cream of the crop in the best state for high school hockey.

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Q: Who has the top high school Ice hockey program in the US?
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