Who gets home ice during Stanley cup?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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the higher seeded team has Home ice

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Q: Who gets home ice during Stanley cup?
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What will the owner of the Blackhawks get if they win the Stanley Cup?

the owner gets to keep coaching and the Stanley cup

What players gets a Stanley cup ring?


Where did the Stanley cup reside during the 2005 lockout season?

hockey hall of fame its proper home

How long does each player get to keep the Stanley cup?

Each player of the winning team of the Stanley cup gets to spend a day with the cup. After all players have spent their day with it will be passed on to the team that wins next year's Stanley Cup.

Who gets the Staney Cup and when?

This year the Stanley Cup was won by the Pittsburgh Pinguins .Every player gets it for a short time to show off in his home town. Eg: Sidney Crosbie (Captain) will show it in his home town of Cole harbour, Nova Scotia Canada

What player gets the stanley cup first?

The captain of the winning team.

How long does each player get the Stanley cup for?

Each member of a Stanley Cup winning team will get one full day during which they will have sole possession of the Stanley Cup.

How do you get your name on the Stanley Cup?

Anyone on the winning team that has played one game in the Stanley Cup Finals series. So if someone gets injured in the Western Conference finals and doesn't play in the Stanley Cup final, he wlll not get his name on it. Also, the head coach gets his name on it.

When the last time the Stanley cup was in Canada?

The last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was the Montreal Canadians, during the 1992,93 season.

Where will Sidney Crosby go after the Stanley cup finals?


Who will be the home team in the 2009 Stanley cup finals?

The home team will be the team that finished higher in point standings during the regular season. As for a prediction, I think that it will be a rematch of the 2008 cup final. Only time will tell!

How long do players get to have the Stanley cup after its won?

Each player, GM, Coach gets to host the Cup for one day.