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If you are referring to wide receiver Roy E. Williams, the Cowboys released him on July 28, 2011. A day later, he signed with the Chicago Bears, who also picked up running back Marion Barber III, his teammate at Dallas.

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Q: Who did the cowboys trade Roy Williams to?
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What years did Roy Williams play for the Dallas cowboys?

Defense back Roy L. Williams played for the Cowboys from 2002-2008. Wide receiver Roy E. Williams came to the Cowboys in a 2008 trade and will begin his fourth season with the team in 2011.

What former Dallas Cowboys player was nicknamed Superman?

Roy Williams

Does roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys have kids?

Roy Eugenie Williams dont know the mom now the dad he's my grandpa but the cowboys suck

Is Roy Williams from the Dallas Cowboys in a relationship?

50 million

What is Roy Williams number on Dallas Cowboys?

number 11

What place in the first round was roy Williams drafted by the cowboys?

Roy Williams was the 8th overall selection in the 2002 NFL draft.

What team does roy Williams play for?

Roy Williams was born on August 14, 1980. He was drafted for the NFL in 2002 and debuted for the Dallas Cowboys that same year. The last team ROY Williams played on is the Cincinnati Bengals from 2009 till 2010.

Who are the best players on the Dallas Cowboys?

i would have to say roy Williams

Who is Kelly Rowland?

roy Williams from Dallas Cowboys but sadly they had broken up

Who on the Dallas Cowboys was number 31 before roy Williams?

Safety George Teague wore #31 between 1998-2001. Williams came to the Cowboys in 2002.

What player named Williams wore jersey number 11 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Wide receiver Roy E. Williams wore the number for the Dallas Cowboys from 2008 to 2010.

What Dallas Cowboys Defensive player played for the Oklahoma Sooners and had the nickname Superman?

Roy Williams