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South Florida.

The Ducks defeated South Florida, 56-21, in the Sun Bowl played December 31, 2007.

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Q: Who did the Oregon ducks football team play for a bowl game in 2007?
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How much does the Oregon Ducks football helmet cost?

The rose bowl helmet alone is worth 800.dollars a peace!

What year did the Oregon ducks win the Rose-bowl?


How many times have the Oregon Ducks been to a bowl game?


What bowl games did the Oregon Ducks win?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Ducks have won 8 bowl games: 1/1/1917 Tournament of Roses: Ducks 14, Pennsylvania 0 12/31/1963 Sun Bowl: Ducks 21, SMU 14 12/16/1989 Independence Bowl: Ducks 27, Tulsa 24 12/20/1997 Las Vegas Bowl: Ducks 41, Air Force 13 12/31/1999 Sun Bowl: Ducks 24, Minnesota 20 12/29/2000 Holiday Bowl: Ducks 36, Texas 30 1/1/2002 Fiesta Bowl: Ducks 38, Colorado 16 12/31/2007 Sun Bowl: Ducks 56, South Florida 21 The Ducks record in bowl games is 8-13.

Who the Rose Bowl in1995?

The Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Oregon Ducks 38-20.

How many bowl games has Texas won in a row?

The Texas Longhorns lost their most recent bowl in 2013 to the Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl. Before that, they were on a six game Bowl winning streak that was capped off in the 2012 Alamo Bowl against Oregon State.

When was the last time the ducks won the Rose Bowl?

Through the 2008 season, that was 1995 when they lost to Penn State 38-20.

How many wins did USC football have in 2007?

The 2007 USC Trojans went 11-2 and beat Illinois in the 2008 Rose Bowl, 49-17. The two losses were to Stanford and Oregon.

What was USC's football record in 2007?

USC went 11-2 in 2007. They defeated Idaho, Nebraska, Washington State, Washington, Arizona, Notre Dame, Oregon State, California, Arizona State, UCLA, and Illinois in the Rose Bowl. They lost to Stanford and Oregon.

When well super bowl come to Oregon?

The Superbowl will never be hosted in Oregon until they have an active football franchise in the state.

When will the Oregon Ducks 2012 Rose Bowl jerseys go on sale?

im buying the jersey first stay away pendejo

Which was the better football game 2007 tostitos Fiesta Bowl or super bowl xlii?

Super bowl xlii