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As of the start of the 2008 season, the Ducks have won 8 bowl games:

1/1/1917 Tournament of Roses: Ducks 14, Pennsylvania 0

12/31/1963 Sun Bowl: Ducks 21, SMU 14

12/16/1989 Independence Bowl: Ducks 27, Tulsa 24

12/20/1997 Las Vegas Bowl: Ducks 41, Air Force 13

12/31/1999 Sun Bowl: Ducks 24, Minnesota 20

12/29/2000 Holiday Bowl: Ducks 36, Texas 30

1/1/2002 Fiesta Bowl: Ducks 38, Colorado 16

12/31/2007 Sun Bowl: Ducks 56, South Florida 21

The Ducks record in bowl games is 8-13.

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Through the 2012 Rose Bowl, Oregon has been to 6 Rose Bowls and won twice (1917 against Pennsylvania and 2012 against Wisconsin).

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2, in 1917 and 2012

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Q: What bowl games did the Oregon Ducks win?
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