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Click on the links under the 'Web Links' heading on this page to see mascots.

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Q: Who are the mascots for all professional and college teams?
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What college teams have Trojans as mascots?

The Trojans are the mascots for all of the University of Southern California (USC) college teams. Their colors are Red and Gold. USC puts a lot of effort into training their Trojans with their sports teams doing well in competitive play.

Mascots for MLB teams?

Teams that don't have them: Angels, Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers. Here are the teams & mascots of the top of my head... Marlins: Billy the Marlin White Sox: Southpaw Sorry, that's all I can remember. will post if i remember more!

What sorts of sports teams have mascots?

All different sorts of sports teams have mascots, whether major or minor league. However, some sports do not such as tennis, baseball, rugby, soccer and many more.

Can anyone help in making a sentence using all-encompassing?

His all-encompassing influence on the game of basketball included college teams, professional teams, rules and coaching.

What major league baseball teams dont have mascots?

There are only three teams...The Chicago CubsThe New York YankeesThe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Names of college basketball teams? ... It's a list of all College Teams of all divisions

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

What are all of New York's professional sports teams?

New York's professional baseball teams are : the Yankees and mets there football teams are : the jets and giants there hockey teams are : the rangers and the Islanders

Do all the states have football teams?

All states have college football teams, but not even half of the states have NFL teams.

How many professional athletes have been on two professional sports teams?

Almost all of them

What are the professional sport teams in Italy?

All of theItalianfootball teams except from Serie B onwards and maybe the rugby teams

All non- profit professional football teams?

How many professional football teams are nonprofit Only one I know is the green bay packers