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Manchester United


Tottenham Hotspurs


Leeds United

Newcastle United

Ipswitch Town


Aston Villa

Manchester City

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Q: Who are the English teams who have scored 100 goals in Europe?
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How many English teams have scored 100 goals in Europe?


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Tore Andre Flo a former striker for Chealsea Football Club scored how many goals?

Tore Andre Flo scored a total of 24 goals from 1993 to 2012. He was born in Norway (Europe) in 1973 and played with many teams like Chelsea and the Rangers.

How many goals scored in 1 NHL game with both teams goals together?

15! ya i know

What does goal difference mean in English soccer?

You take the amount of goals scored and subtract the amount of goals conceded and that gives you the goal difference. It can be negative or positive. It is used as a way of deciding the order of teams in a league when they have the same amount of points.

Which played scored goals for 5 different teams in champions league?

Hernan Crespo

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They are Germany, hungry, .

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Then the number of goals scored will come into the picture.

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