Who Is Better Lebron or Durant?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Who Is Better Lebron or Durant?
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Is lebron better than kevin durant?

Yes Lebron is all around better than Durant!

Who is better Kevin Durant or LeBron?

lebron The person he put this makes laugh HEAT SORRY THUNDER RULES Durant is a better scorer than lebron but lebron is a better passer and a better defender and they are = at rebounding So lebron is better (Even though Durant is about to get his 1st ring)

Who better kevin Durant or Lebron?

LeBron the KING

Who is better Lebron James or Michael Durent?

Who's Michael Durent? Do you mean Kevin Durant? If so, LeBron is better. Kevin Durant has higher scoring stats, but lebron is overall better.

Who is better Kevin durant or Lebron james?

Lebron James Who won the scoring title in '10 and is going to in '11? KD. Who is more important to his team? KD. Hmmmmmmmm...

Can lebron shoot better than Kevin durant?


Who is better Kobe or durant?

kobe's better he's got five rings how much does Durant, Lebron ,carmelo, and dwayne got .................. oh yeah they don't have any.

Who is better than derrick rose?

Lebron, CP3, Harden, Durant, Carmelo, maybe more

Who is paid more Kevin durant or lebron James?

In 2010-11, LeBron made more than Durant.

Whose better than Michael Jordan?

Thats easy. Dwyane Wade, Lebron, & Kevin Durant!

Who is the better basketball player Kevin Durant or Durk Nowitzki?

Kevin Durant is better than Dwight Howard. Only people who watch basketball would know that. Oh, and some of you think Lebron is worse than Durant, well I don't think so.

Who score more points lebron or kevin durant?

lebron james