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Germany beat Argentina in the quarter finals at the 2010 world cup.

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Q: Which team defeated Argentina in the world cup 2010?
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Which team will get the World Cup in South Africa 2010?

I predict Argentina

Which team is expected to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


What team is Messi on in 2010 world cup?

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Who are the goalkeepers of Argentina's team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Argentina had 3 goalkeepers in their squad during the 2010 FIFA World Cup:Diego PozoMariano AndújarSergio Romero

Who is Argentina's football team captain at 2010 world cup?

Javier Mascherano

Who is the captain of the team from Argentina in the Fifa World Cup 2010?

Javier Mascherano

Who is the coach of Argentina rugby team?

Diego Maradona was the coach of Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World cup.

Which 1st team did Argentina play against in 2010 world cup and what is the score?

Argentina played against Nigeria. The score was 1:0 in favor of Argentina.

Which team are in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals?

2010: Germany, Argentina, Ghana, Uruguay, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, and Paraguay.

Top scorer of 2010 FIFA world cup?

Argentina-This team has a total of 10 goals.

Will a South American soccer football team win the FIFA World Cup 2010?

of course. Every team has a chance at winning.

Which baseball team won the last world series?

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers four games to one to win the 2010 World Series.