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Q: Who is Argentina's football team captain at 2010 world cup?
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Who is the 2010 world cup Italian football team captain?

The Italian captain was Fabio Cannavaro.

Who is the Italian football captain for world cup 2010?

The captain of ;kthe Italian team was Fabio Canaverro.

Who is the captain of Cameroon team of 2010 world football championship?

Samuel Eto'o

Captain of Spain in World Cup 2010?

The Spanish national football team chose Iker Casillas as the team captain during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Who the Argentinas coach in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Diego Maradona was the coach of Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World cup.

What is Argentina's chance of winning the World Cup?

Argentinas chances are slim in the 2010 world cup.

Who is the captain of England in Fifa world cup 2010?

The England National Football Team chose Rio Ferdinand as the team captain.

What is the name of the German football captain?

In the 2010 world cup Philipp Lahm was the vcaptain of Germany, he replaced the wounded Michael Ballack as captain.

Who is the captain of the England football team?

Jan 2010 : The captain of the England football team is John Terry. Feb 2010 : Rio Ferdinand takes over the captaincy from John Terry. and during this world cup it was Steven Gerrard

Who is Spain's football team captain?

As of 9th June, 2010, The captain of the Spanish national football is Iker Casillas.Iker Casillas

Who is the captain of the portroguese national team in football?

In 2010 it is Christiano Ronaldo who is captain of Portugal.

Who is the first to score goal in world cup football 2010 as captain?

It was Steven Gerrard of England in the 4th minute the fastest.

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