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The Bristol City Football Club is the premiership club closest to Bristol. You should check them out if you are a big football fan. They are quite interesting.

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Q: Which premiership club is closest to Bristol?
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When was Bristol Handball Club created?

Bristol Handball Club was created in 2006.

Bristol were is Bristol 600 clube?

Bristol 600 club is in knowle Bristol bs4 1tn

When was Bristol Ariel Rowing Club created?

Bristol Ariel Rowing Club was created in 1870.

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

Who is the footballer that has played for every premiership team?

There is no player that has played for every premiership club.

Is it true that the premiership club with smallest pitch is most successful?

No. Manchester United is the most successful Premiership Club and they certainly do not have the smallest pitch.

When was Bristol Rugby Club founded?

The Bristol Rugby Club was founded in the year 1888 in the city of Bristol, England in the United Kingdom. The Bristol rugby team was ranked fifth best in the year 2012.

Which club has stayed in the premiership the longest?


How do you get Bristol from London?

You can get a train from Paddington Station directly into Bristol Temple Meads or Bristol Parkway. Temple Meads is closest to the City Centre.

What premiership club has had the most managers?

Newcastle United

Who won the VFL premiership in 1900?

the Melbourne football club.

What premiership club in the UK has the least English players?