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Q: Which player has been booked most in Bundesliga?
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Has Wayne Rooney been booked this year?

Most probably yes

What is the most watched league in Europe?

Germany's Bundesliga

Which player has been booked most in Premier League?

As of May 6, 2009 the two players with the most yellow cards this season are ;Marouane Fellaini of Everton with 12 Yellows and Wilson Palacios of Tottenham Hotspur, also with 12.

Who is the highest player rate in IPL in 2011?

It seems that you wish to ask the player who was most costliest at the IPL player's bidding this year.It is "Gautam Gambhir" who was booked at $2.4 million by Kolkata Knight Riders.(His base price at the auction was $200,000).

Is table tennis popular in Germany?

The most popular professional league...the TischTennis Bundesliga is played in Germany.

What do you do when Tom Nook has been all booked up with orders for weeks on Animal Crossing?

You wait until he's not backed up with orders, I'd say about a week at the most.

Can Las Vegas shows be booked online?

Las Vegas shows can be booked online through several websites. The best deals will most likely come from travel package websites.

What is the name of the top German soccer team?

Bayern Munich would be the most famous Bundesliga team. They have many world class players such as Franck Ribery and Luca Toni. They won the 2007-08 Bundesliga title and reached the quarter finals of the 2008-2009 Champions League.

How are filming locations booked?

One of the most common ways filming locations are booked are for the film or TV studio to contact the government of the country or City they want to film in. From there an agreement on costs, timelines can be made.

What are the most famous football leagues?

The Barclays premier league, The German bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, The french ligue 1, The Italian Serie A

How many trophies have borussia dortmund won?

They won the Bundesliga 21 times including 2010. They also won additional the German championship in 1932, but the Bundesliga was not founded then.

What player has been to the most super bowl?

Joe Montana