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France hosted the 2007 World cup

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Q: Which country was the last rugby world cup held?
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Where was the last game between Australia and NZ for the rugby world cup held?

These two teams have never met in a match to decide on a winner of the Rugby World Cup

In which country was the last FIFA World Cup held?

The last football World Cup was held in Germany in 2006.

Where and when was the last rugby World Cup held?

In October 23rd 2011. In 2011, Austrilia defeated France for 8-7 and Austrilia won the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Which country won the last mens rugby world cup 2010?

There was not a RWC in this year

Which country has won the rugby world cup?

The last winner in the RWC is South Africa, in 2007.

Which country won the rugby world cup?

The last winner of the RWC was South Africa, in 2007.

Where was the rugby world cup held last time?

Australia - League Code in 2008. France - Union Code in 2007

When did New Zealand win the rugby world cup last?

New Zealand last won the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

When world cup held?

The World Cup is held every four years in a different country. The last world cup was held in 2014, meaning the next one will be in 2018 and so on.

What country last won the world cup?

The last world cup was won by Italy inthe 2006 world cup held in Germany.

Which country hosted the last circket world cup final?

The final was held in Mumbai, India.

Which country won the 2004 olympic gold medal for rugby?

Rugby is not an Olympic sport. The last Olympics where rugby was a medal sport was the 1924 Games in Paris.