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which nfl team has the most wins since 1997? name the top 10.

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Q: Which NFL teams have the highest winning percentages since 1997?
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What teams have the Sports winning percentages since 2000?

The New York Yankee

In what league does the CMU Chippewas play in?

The Central Michigan University Chippewas currently play in the Mid-American Conference and are among the highest ranked teams in winning percentages.

Where can you find a win percentage chart for the total history of all the NFL teams?

Click on the 'All Time Winning Percentages' link on this page to see a listing of teams and their franchise winning percentage as of the start of the 2007 season.

What NHL teams have the highest lifetime winning percentage?

edmonton oilers

How did the ny giants have the no 4 pick in the 2004 draft?

In the 2003 NFL season, four teams (Chargers, Raiders, Cardinals, Giants) wound up tied for the worst record at 4-12. A tie breaker was needed to determine in which order these teams would draft and the first tie breaker that is used is strength of schedule for the previous season. The team that played the schedule of teams that had the combined lowest winning percentage would select first and the team that played the schedule of teams that had the combined highest winning percentage would select fourth. The Chargers played teams that had a combined record of 106-102 (.510 winning percentage), the Raiders 109-99 (.524 winning percentage), the Cardinals 113-95 (.543 winning percentage), and the Giants 115-93 (.553 winning percentage). Since the combined winning percentage of teams the Giants played was the highest of the four teams tied, they selected fourth in the 2004 NFL draft. The Chargers selected first, the Raiders second, and the Cardinals third.

What are the top 5 winning-est teams in the NFL since 2000?

Baltimore ravens

Which nfl team has the best record since 1990?

As of the end of the 2008 season the Colts have the best winning percentage over the past 10 years. Followed by the Patriots, Steelers, Eagles, and Titans. They are the only teams in that span with winning percentages at .600 or better. The Colts are the only team above .700 (.714 to be exact).

How do you calculate standings for records of 1-1-0 and 0-0-1?

Ties count as a half-win. Therefore, both teams would have identical winning percentages at .500

What baseball team had the highest winning percent?

The Chicago Cubs and the Seattle Mariners share the record with 116 wins in a season (Chicago in 1906 and Seattle in 2001), though Chicago only played 154 games in 1906 while Seattle played 162 (.753 to .716) Highest overall winning is not really applicable, since not all teams have played the same amount of games (especially since teams like the Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies (holds the MLB record with over 10,000 losses since 1883), Pirates, White Sox, Indians, Yankees, Orioles have been around far longer than other teams)

What is Ohio State's record against all teams since the inception of football at Ohio State University?

Ohio State's first football season was in 1890 They are 808-305-53 They are the team with the fifth most wins of all-time. They are also #4 in the highest winning percentage (71.6%) And they are the most winning team at home.

What do teams get for winning the NCAA?

an award

Second highest player on NFL teams?

that is relative since noone is the highest player... is it quarterback??? no is it middle linebacker... no depends on defensive gameplan... this is a weird question