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In the 2003 NFL season, four teams (Chargers, Raiders, Cardinals, Giants) wound up tied for the worst record at 4-12. A tie breaker was needed to determine in which order these teams would draft and the first tie breaker that is used is strength of schedule for the previous season. The team that played the schedule of teams that had the combined lowest winning percentage would select first and the team that played the schedule of teams that had the combined highest winning percentage would select fourth.

The Chargers played teams that had a combined record of 106-102 (.510 winning percentage), the Raiders 109-99 (.524 winning percentage), the Cardinals 113-95 (.543 winning percentage), and the Giants 115-93 (.553 winning percentage).

Since the combined winning percentage of teams the Giants played was the highest of the four teams tied, they selected fourth in the 2004 NFL draft. The Chargers selected first, the Raiders second, and the Cardinals third.

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Q: How did the ny giants have the no 4 pick in the 2004 draft?
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