Which Chelsea manager was french?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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As of 2011, Chelsea F.C. have not had a French manager in their history.

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Q: Which Chelsea manager was french?
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Who is Chelsea's first manager?


Who is the current manager of chelsea?

Rafael Benítez is the manager of chelsea fc

Who is chealsea's manager?

Chelsea's current manager is Carlo Ancelotti

When did ruud gullit become Chelsea manager?

Ruud guilitt was a player and a manager as weii at Chelsea in 1993 with Viali from Juventus.

Who is the manager for Chelsea?

Carlo Ancelotti

Who was manager of Chelsea in 2001?

Claudio Ranieri.

Who is the Chelsea manager at the moment?

Carlo Ancellotti

Will Andre villas boas be sacked as Chelsea manager?

yes he will he is making chelsea a weak team

Who is the manager of the football team Chelsea?

Guus hiddink

Who is the 2010 manager for Chelsea FC?

Carlo Ancelotti

Is Chelsea manager rubbish?

No he is great he beat barcelona with them

Who was the Chelsea Fc manager in 2003?

Claudio Ranieri