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P.O.M. stands for Prisoner of Mother England and was often used to describe convicts

P.O.M Really stands for prisoner of millbank (which millbank prison was the holding prison for those being transported to Australia now the Tate gallery

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Q: Where does the Australian term 'Pom' come from?
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Pom is a contraction of pomegranate a derogatory term used by the French to insult the rosy cheeked English

What does the Australian slang word pom mean?

The Australian slang term "pom" is usually a derogatory reference to someone from England.The origin of the term is not known, but there are numerous theories.One popular theory is that the word is an abbreviation of Prisoner Of Her Majesty, or possibly Prisoner Of Mother England, as the first white settlers in Australia were convicts from England.Another theory suggests 'pom' is short for 'pomegranate', as the word 'pommygrant' was Australian rhyming slang for 'immigrant'. In a similar vein, the English settlers became known as 'poms' because their pale skin turned pomegranate red in Australia's blazing sun.

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What is the Australian slang word for Englishman?

The word is Pom or Pommie/Pommy. According to popular opinion it comes from Pomegranate which is rhyming slang for Immigrant