Where does jaromir jagr live?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: Where does jaromir jagr live?
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What is Jaromir Jagr's weight?

Jaromir Jagr is currently listed at 240 lbs.

What nicknames does Jaromir Jagr go by?

Jaromir Jagr goes by Puff Nuts.

Where was Jaromir Jagr born?

Jaromir Jagr was born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia on 02-15-72.

How tall is Jaromir Jagr?

Jirka Gregor is 5' 10".

Is jaromir jagr on nhl11?


What is Jaromir Jagr's number on the New Jersey Devils?

Jaromir Jagr is number 68 on the New Jersey Devils.

Who does Jaromir Jagr play for?

Jaromir Jagr currently plays for the New Jersey Devils. His former teams include the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers.

What is Jaromir Jagr's weight and uniform number?

Jaromir Jagr is listed at 240 lbs and currently wears #68 for the New Jersey Devils.

Does anyone know where Jaromir Jagr is at?


Who did Jaromir Jagr win the stanley cup with?


Jaromir Jagr rookie card worth?

The value of a Jaromir Jagr rookie card depends on the maker of the card and its condition. He plays for the New Jersey Devils in the NHL.

How many playoff goals did Jaromir Jagr have for Pittsburgh?