Where did the first maple leaf appear?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Where did the first maple leaf appear?
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Who invented the maple leaf flag?

rosh maliyil made the first maple leaf ever in history

In what year was the maple leaf flag first flown?

The Canadian Flag has changed from St.George's Cross to a maple leaf. The Maple Leaf Flag was first flown in 1964 although this wasn't the first flag of Canada. Still The Maple Leaf has changed through the years, check out Wikipedia to find more answers

What kind of leaf is on the Canadian flag?

The leaf on the Canadian flag is a maple leaf. The reason why the maple leaf is used if because it represents nature and the environment which is an important part of Canada and Canadian history.

What Venation is a maple leaf?

what venation is a maple leaf

What does the maple leaf represent?

== == The Red Maple leaf is similar to the Silver Maple leaf(which is a simple leaf), so I'd say that it's a simple leaf. it is a simple leaf

What is Canada's symbol?

The maple leaf is the official symbol of Canada. The beaver is also a common national symbol of Canada.

Is there a leaf called maple leaf?

Well on maple trees, they produce maple leaves.

Is a maple leaf lobed or broad leaf?

Any leaf that isn't a needle is a broad leaf, so yes a maple leaf is a broad leaf. A maple leaf is not lobed, it is just a different shape and is toothed.

What is the symbol in the center of Canada's flag?

The leaf in the center of the Canadian flag is a maple leaf. It is the national leaf in Canada, due to the large amount of maple trees found there.

What type of leaf is on the canadian flag?

The leaf on the Canadian flag is a maple leaf; specifically, a sugar maple leaf.

What is the leaf type of an silver maple tree?

a silver maple leaf

What leaf shape does a maple leaf have?

The shape of the maple leaf is a 3 point leaf facing upward. 1 pointing left up 1 pointing straight and one pointing up right