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The Boston Celtics away schedule can be accessed via their home website. Third along on the sidebar is an option 'schedule' which gives a variety of details organised by year. The results show all of the games scheduled to be played, with the games played away highlighted in green to oppose the white background of home games. These details can also be found on the ESPN website, the television channel which broadcasts Basketball games in America. Away games are defined with an '@' symbol followed by the opposition name.

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Q: Where can one download the Boston Celtics away schedule?
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What is the name of Bostons football team?

Boston does not have a football team... But about 20 miles away is the patriots in Foxbourgh!

Which team won game 7 in the NBA finals on the road?

The away team has won a game 7 of the NBA finals, three times In the history of the NBA:1978 Washington Bullets @ Seattle Supersonics1974 Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks1969 Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers

Where can one download the Schedule to watch Penguins Hockey?

One can download the season schedule for the Pittsburgh Penguins through the official website. One can search by home games or away games and find games that offer promotions or giveaways.

Did Jeff Green play for the Celtics?

No, he was drafted by the Celtics, but traded away on draft night.

Best nba away record?

So far in the 2008-09 season the Boston Celtics have won more road games just losing 1. The Cavs are currently(12-24-08) undefeated at home with the best home record in the league.

What is celtics record away from home in the champions league?


NBA team with most championships?

The Boston celtics have won more championships than any other team in Nba history (17) , but the lakers aren't too far away with 14. literally half of the 62 nba championships ever won by these 2 teams. The 2 teams have played each other in 11 different nba finals, the Boston celtics are 9-2 in these cases.

Who did the Celtics beat in the 2007-2008 championship?

Boston defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 97 to 91 by pulling off the greatest comeback in the NBA Finals in 37 years. The Lakers had a 35--14 lead after the first quarter, the largest first-quarter lead in NBA Finals history. The Lakers eventually led by 24 points, but the Celtics chipped away at the lead. Boston went on a 21--3 run to end the third quarter down only by two points, 73--71. With 4:07 remaining in the game, the Celtics took their first lead when Boston reserve Eddie House made an 18-foot jumper. The shot gave the Celtics the lead for good. It was the largest comeback in the NBA Finals since 1971. The victory gave the Celtics a 3-1 lead in the series. They went on to win the NBA championship in six games.

What basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

Notre Dame has the leprechaun as their mascot. Their mascot travels with them to most of their games away from home, and when Notre Dame athletics are playing at home, the man in the leprechaun suit is at every game possible.

Before TD banknorth garden what was the Celtics arena called?

1995- Shawmut Center 95-05- FleetCenter 05-08- TD Banknorth Garden After moving away from the old Boston Garden, the Celtics built what was to be called the Shawmut Center, after Shawmut Bank (Boston is on the Shawmut Peninsula). Shawmut was purchased by Fleet Bank and the arena was known as FleetCenter from 1995 until 2005. Fleet Bank was purchased by Bank of America who sold the naming rights to TD Banknorth. In early 2008, Banknorth was purchased by Commerce Bank. They will change the name after the 2007-08 season for the Celtics and Bruins, but have promised it will contain the word "Garden."

How far away is Boston massachusetts?

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.

What is the 2009 - 2010 NC State football schedule?

State plays 8 home games and 4 away games next season. Home South Carolina Pitt 2 D-1AA teams UNC Maryland Clemson Away Florida State Wake Forest Virginia Tech Boston College