Did Jeff Green play for the Celtics?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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No, he was drafted by the Celtics, but traded away on draft night.

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Q: Did Jeff Green play for the Celtics?
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What position does Jeff Green play?

Jeff Green plays small forward for the Boston Celtics.

What is Jeff Green's number on the Boston Celtics?

Jeff Green is number 8 on the Boston Celtics.

What NBA team does Jeff Green play for?

Gerald Green is a very popular basketball player. Gerald is best known for playing on the basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers, although he has played on other teams.

Where do the Boston Celtics play at?

The Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference.

What position does Jeff Janis play?

Jeff Janis plays Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

What basketball team's colors are green and white?

The Boston Celtics

Does nate Robinson play for the Boston Celtics?

Yes, Nate the Great does play for the Boston Celtics.

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

The Celtics go by the nickname "Celts" and play in the city of Boston

Who is being traded by the Boston Celtics in 2012?

Big bay Davis, Von Wafer for Brandon Bass (power forward) Delonte west is not going to be resigned jeff Green is out because of heart condition. Celtics sign in Mickael Pietrius. small forward or shooting guard Celtics also sign Chris Wilcox. power forward or center Celtics also signed in Keyoon Dooling. point guard or shooting guard Celtics sign from Dleague Greg stiesmsa center

Why are the Boston Celtics green?

Boston is an Irish city, the color of the Irish is green

What team does Shaquille O'Neal play for?

He plays for the Boston celtics

Can the Celtics win another title?

The Celtics are the basketball team that play in Boston. They can win another title if they play hard and make it to the finals. The Celtics won the championships from 1957 to 1966 as well as 1968 and 1969. This is known as the Celtics Dynasty.