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yes, they are one of the six players at a time

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Q: When will a server be allowed back in the volleyball court?
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Where is the server located in volleyball?

at the back of the court

Where does the server in volleyball server?

Anywhere behind the back line of the court.

Where does the server in volleyball start?

Anywhere behind the back line of the court.

How many hits are allowed per side during a volleyball game?

Only 3 hits are allowed in Volleyball before returning the ball back to the opponents' court.

Is the person in the volleyball server position considered a back or front row player?

a server is a back row player

What is the back court in volleyball?

The back court is the area of your team's court that is closest to the endline (serving line).

What position does the server play in volleyball rightback rightfront leftback leftfront?

The server plays in right back

What position does a volleyball player serve?

The player who served last will be in position one until there is a new server, unless they are substituted for by another player or the libero.

Where is the ball served from in volleyball?

Behind the back line of the court.

What is the back line called on a volleyball court?


Can you serve in the middle in volleyball?

You can serve from anywhere on the back line of the court.

What is a left back in soccer?

They serve the volleyball no they dont serve the volleyball, that is back right? server is always on the right. if you have troubles with your left and your right, try using your fingers. the shape that makes a perfect L is the left. be smart, becasue that answer wasnt.