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Q: When were shin pads first brought into the game of cricket?
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Did cricket pads used in ancient cricket?

Cricket pads first appeared in the mid 18th century in England. They were developed to protect the lower part of the legs from the hard leather ball that was used to bowl deliveries in the game. The development of pads led to a change in the Laws of Cricket with the addition of the dismissal for LBW. It was introduced in 1774 because batsmen had begun using their pads to deflect balls away from their wickets.

What are cricket pads made of?

Cricket pads are made out of willow wood.

Which are the lightest cricket pads?

Morrant cricket pads are the best & lightest in the entire world. puma, sg, middlepeg are also great.

What does cricket has?

cricket has a bat a ball wickets and uniform and it has a helmet and 2 leg pads which cricket player have

Who is the inventor of knee pads and cricket gloves?

Cricket Clothing and Equipment is regulated by the Laws of Cricket. Cricket Clothing, known as Cricket Whites, or Flannels, is slightly loose fitting so as not to restrict players' movements. Use of protective equipment, such as helmets, gloves and pads, is also regulated.

What is the difference between left and right hand cricket pads?

The pads have the flaps on different sides.

What size should your cricket pads be?

It depends on the size you are in length

How do you unlock all rewards on cricket 07?

You unlock bats, gloves and pads by winning games or tornaments. If you want, you can buy cheat codes to unlcok everything on the game.

Equipment for cricket?

pads, bat, gloves, box or cup, helmet, spik3s

How tall do you have to be for adult cricket pads?

You will have to be 6 ft or more depending on what its based on

What brand did tendulkar use for batting pads?

Morrant ultralite cricket pad :)

What are the equipment use in cricket?