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February 2, 2011

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Q: When was the last time Michigan State was closed due to snow?
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Where did Eric Snow go to college?

Michigan State University

What state gets the most snow Michigan or Indiana?

On average Michigan does, though northeastern Indiana does get more than many parts of lower MI on the east side.

Who won the Dick Butkus Award in 1989?

Percy Snow of Michigan State won the Dick Butkus Award in 1989.

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Why does Northern Michigan get more snow than lower Michigan?

The higher you go the colder it is.

What month does it snow the most in Michigan?

In Michigan, the month that typically sees the most snowfall is January. This is due to cold temperatures and systems that bring snow from the Great Lakes region. Snowfall amounts can vary throughout the state depending on location.

What is the weather like in November in Michigan?

I live in Michigan and honestly, it is the most unpredictable state for weather. We could have 65 degree days one day, then snow on the ground the next day. If you love climate change every day or every month, Michigan is the place to be!

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