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Q: When did babe Ruth say he had a better year than the president?
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Who was the first sportsman to have a bigger salary than the president?

Babe Ruth probably had that distinction. When asked about it he said that he was having a better year than the President.

Are there anyy quotes from baseball players from the great depression?

One of my favorites was about Babe Ruth and his salary. I am not sure if this is the exact quote but when Ruth was asked about his salary being more than that of President Hoover, he replied, "I had a better year."

Is the Babe Ruth state quarter worth more than 25 cents?

A Babe Ruth State Quarter? Please post new question with the date on the coin and a better description.

Was Honus Wagner better than Babe Ruth?

Wagner was the best shortstop of his era, but wasn't as good as Ruth. Ruth is generally accepted as the best player in that period of time.

What did Babe Ruth do other than baseball?


Was babe Ruth older than his sister?


What did Babe Ruth do for a living other than baseball?


Was Ty Cobb more famous than Babe Ruth?

Babe was more famous but Ty Cobb was way better than Babe. However Ty Cobb may have been better offensively and defensive by a thin and wide margin respectively Ty Cobb never threw a ML pitch and babe was an "ace in the hole"

Who has had a career with better stats than a higher 300 batting average and over 500 homers and over1800 RBIs?

Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth

Who has more home runs than Babe Ruth?

Barry Bonds - 762Hank Aaron - 755Babe Ruth - 714

Was Hank Aaron a better baseball player then Babe Ruth?

No. In his prime, Ruth was not only an excellent hitter with power, he was also an outstanding pitcher. He had a better arm than Aaron . Aaron may have been a slightly faster runner, but Ruth was also a good base runner when he was young. Ruth did not take care of himself and in later years got heavy. Aaron was a better ball player when he was old than was Ruth and he played for more years.

Did Hank Aaron get more home runs than babe Ruth?

Yes he did