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The projectile is the ball.

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Q: When a pitcher tosses a baseball to the catcher across the home plates what is the projectile?
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A ball thrown across a football field is what?


What is the job of the catcher on a baseball team?

The catcher is the position of the man who sits behind home-plate. He wears gear consisting of a cup, chest guard, mask, and leg protectors. The catcher also has a specific type of mitt made just for catching. The main role of the catcher is to call the pitches the pitcher should throw and catch them once they have been thrown. For example, is the catcher gives the number 2 and points to the side, that is a signal for the pitcher to throw a two-seam fastball and to have it off to the selected side (those signals do vary by team). I hope this helps. Any other questions related to baseball, just ask.

What is a ball thrown across a football field an example of?

A ball thrown across a football field is an example of a projectile.

What are some of the playing positions in softball?

There are nine: a pitcher, standing in the middle of the infield, a catcher straight across from her behind home plate to receive the pitcher's throw, and two players in between first, second and third bases. there are three players in the outfield, spread out evenly.

How do you make a sentence with pitcher?

Example sentence - The pitcher of milk fell from my hands when I saw the mouse run across the the floor.

When a Soccer ball is headed from one player number 1 2 player number to Across the Soccer field what is the projectile?


When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball, just did it

How do you make a simple physics projectile launcher?

To make a simple physics projectile launcher, you can use materials like a rubber band, a ruler, and a small plastic cup. Attach the rubber band to the ruler, pull it back, and place the cup at the end to hold the projectile. Release the ruler to launch the projectile forward, demonstrating the principles of projectile motion.

What is the best position in baseball?

It depends on your skill and what you are good at doing i think on of the hardest positions are catcher and pitcher but that's my opiniond it can vary from person to person but i would say that the best position would have to be anything in the infield but the best would have to be 2nd or 3rd i would say 2nd though.

What are the signs in baseball?

Signs, or hand signals, are used during a baseball game so the players of each team can communicate with each other and the coaching staff. Predetermined signs such as a touch of the cap, a tap on the nose or a hand swipe across the chest could relay a play being put on such as a base runner stealing a base or telling a batter to bunt the ball. The catcher will use signs to relay to the pitcher on what pitch to throw and location. Most signs are changed from game to game or the "key sign" that signals the coming sign to keep an opponent from stealing the information.

In baseball what is a bak?

The word is balk. In baseball, the offensive players do not need to stand on the base. They can stand off the base. When the pitcher has the ball, he is allowed to throw it to a teammate and the teammate can touch the opponent not on base with the ball. The opponent will be out and will leave the playing field. The pitcher can face the batter and then turn around and throw the ball to a teammate. The purpose of the pitcher is to throw the ball across home plate so the batter can hit it or not hit it. At some point the pitcher has to pitch the ball to the batter. The pitcher has to make some sort of a motion and then pitch the ball. If he makes the wrong kind of motion it is called a balk. It counts as a ball on the batter and a player on base gets to go to the next base. A lot of people in the audience can not tell when the pitcher has committed a balk.

A skateboard sliding across a horizontal floor is example projectile motion?

Actually, a skateboard sliding on a horizontal floor is an example of translational motion due to the forces acting on it. Projectile motion, on the other hand, involves a body moving in a curved path under the influence of gravity after being given an initial velocity.