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Paul Thorburn Cardiff Arms Park with a penalty kick measuring exactly 70 yards 8 and a half inches (64.2m) against Scotland - 1986

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Q: Whats the furthest penalty scored ever in rugby?
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Who scored the first points rugby wold cup?

Michael Jones, New Zealand, scored the first try in World Cup Rugby in NZ vs Italy 1987, but the first score of the match was a penalty try so the first person to score any points in that game was Grant Fox who converted the penalty try.

Who scored the very first try in the very first rugby world cup in 1987?

In the New Zealand v Italy openeing match of the event no one actually scored the first try in World Cup rugby (it was a penalty try); - Michael Jones became the first individual try-scorer

Was a try the first points in rugby wold cup?

Tthe first try of the first Rugby World Cup - scored by Michael Jones, NZ (actually the first try was a penalty try; Michael Jones was the first player to score a try).

What are the 2 ways that can be scored in rugby?

There are three point systems in rugby, but two ways of scoring in rugby. The first one is to score a try by placing the ball down in the scoring zone, you need to place pressure to be able for it to count, i.e you cannot drop the ball over it. The other way of scoring is by penalty or drop kicking the ball though the posts. After the try if you convert (by kicking the ball through the posts you get an extra two points. Try=5 points Conversion=2 points (try must be scored) Penalty or drop kick=3 points

How many points is a penalty worth in rugby?

A penalty is worth 2 in league and 3 in union.

What is the fastest try scored in rugby union?


What would you be doing if you scored a try?

Playing rugby

Who scored 0 in world cup rugby?


Which SA player has scored the most points to date in 2013 Vodacom Super Rugby?

which player scored the most tries in the 2013 vodacom super rugby to date

What is a soccer kick in rugby?

no such thing. - The equivalent kick in soccer and rugby would be the placed penalty kick.

What are the different ways of scoring in rugby?

A try, a penalty try, a conversion, a drop goal and a penalty goal.

How are points scored on a rugby union team?

try = 5 points Conversion (converted try) 2 points drop goal = 3 points penalty goal = 3 points Pentalty try = 5 points