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In the New Zealand v Italy openeing match of the event no one actually scored the first try in World Cup Rugby (it was a penalty try); - Michael Jones became the first individual try-scorer

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Q: Who scored the very first try in the very first rugby world cup in 1987?
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Who scored the first try in the 1987 rugby world cup competition?

Michael Jones from NZ

Who scored the first points rugby wold cup?

Michael Jones, New Zealand, scored the first try in World Cup Rugby in NZ vs Italy 1987, but the first score of the match was a penalty try so the first person to score any points in that game was Grant Fox who converted the penalty try.

When did new zealand first win the rugby world cup?


Who scored the first penalty in 1987 world cup?

Demetrio Albertini

When and where was the first rugby World Cup held in?

Tenzinggurl22 says: The First Rugby World Cup was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 and was won by New Zealand.

In which year was the first rugby World Cup held?

The competition was held jointly between Australia and New Zealand in 1987. The actual tournament final was played in Aukland, New Zealand. The finalists were New Zealand and France. New Zealand won the game 29 -9.

Who won the 1987 rugby world cup?

New Zealand beat France 29 - 9 and won the first Rugby Union World Cup.

When was Rugby World Cup created?

Rugby World Cup was created in 1987.

What year did NZ win the first rugby world cup against France?


Who scored the first try in the first rugby world cup?

The first person to score the first ever 4 point try was Roy 'SHUNTO' Thomas and that's straight from the hrses mouth.

Has New Zealand ever hosted rugby world cup?

Yes, New Zealand dual hosted with Australia the first Rugby World Cup in 1987.

How many Rugby World Cup tournaments have taken place?

The upcoming 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the seventh tournament - the first having taken place in 1987.