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In August 1959, three Minneapolis businessmen Bill Boyer, H. P. Skoglund and Max Winter were awarded a franchise in the new American Football League. Five months later in January 1960, the ownership group along with Bernie Ridder forfeited its AFL membership and then was awarded the National Football League's 14th franchise with play to begin in 1961.

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The vikings were never out of Minnesota. They were made in Minnesota and they were created in 1960.

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The Minnesota Vikings were founded in the year of 1966.

The Vikings were actually established in 1961. Minnesota was awarded a franchise in 1959 and they began play in the 1961 season.

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Q: What year were the Minnesota Vikings founded?
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Where did the Minnesota Vikings come form?

They were founded in 1961.

Who is the oldest team the Minnesota Vikings or the Green Bay Packers?

The Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. The Vikings were founded and joined the NFL in 1961.

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He currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings. August 2009-current

What is Minnesota's NFL football team?

The Minnesota Vikings.

When was Minnesota Vikings created?

Minnesota Vikings was created in 1961.

How long have the Minnesota vikings been in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings have been in Minnesota since August 1959.

How muh do Brett Favre make for the vikings?

He was signed to a two-year, $25 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

What team does Adrian Peterson play on now?

Adrian Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Have the Minnesota Vikings won their division?

As of 2009, the Minnesota Vikings are division champs.

What is Greg Childs's number on the Minnesota Vikings?

Greg Childs is number 85 on the Minnesota Vikings.