What year did state of origin start?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: What year did state of origin start?
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Which year was the first state of origin game?


When did state of origin start?

because they wanted to have some fun

Which team won the Rugby League State of Origin this year?

Qld wont he last state of origin for the 4th or 5th time ina row 2009.

What ground is the first state of origin played this year?

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne.

What year did Pennsylvania start calling there state the keystone state?

the same year it won the superbowl

What year did NSW win two straight consecutive games in the state of origin?


What year did consent start?

The age of consent varies from state to state.

Is Darren lockyer leaving rugby league this year?

Darren lockyer is not leaving the NRL this year but he has retired from the state of origin.

What does the South Dakota origin mean?

South Dakota's origin means how the state of South Dakota got its start. South Dakota was a part of the Dakota Territory. South Dakota became a US state in 1889.

What is the origin of the State of the Union Address?

In the constitution it says the President must address the congress over the State Of The Union once a year.

What is the State of Origin and who won in 2007?

The State of Origin is a Rugby League competion between New South Wales and Queensland. It is a best of three comp played each year in 2007 Queensland won

What year did the Maryland state lottery start?