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Q: What year did NSW win two straight consecutive games in the state of origin?
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Florida state consecutive bowl games?

twenty five

What NCAA football team has the longest consecutive bowl game winning streak?

The Florida State Seminoles have the longest consecutive bowl game winning streak. It has a total of 30 straight bowl games with a winning streak of 22-7-1.

Which ncaa Division 1A team has been to most consecutive bowls?

Florida State with 26 straight.

What are the dates of all the state of origin games in 2012?

The Queensland-New South Wales State of Origin games in 2012 were held on:23 May13 June4 July

Who has won the most games in NRL State of Origin?

Queensland of couse.

How many consecutive weeks in the AP top 25 ranking did Ohio state have if they had the most?

They will end their streak at 103 straight weeks.

Who has won the most state of origin games in rugby league?

Queensland of couse.

What high school has won the most consecutive state championships in football nationwide?

Shattuck oklahoma has won from 2004-2010 at 96 consecutive games of football won

Who won the state of origin?

Well the Maroons had a five year straight win - 2007,2006,2008,2009,2010,2011. plus be certain for what year you mean.

Most consecutive home wins ncaa football?

Miami previously owned the record for the longest home winning streak in NCAA history, winning 58 straight games at the Orange Bowl. The record has since been eclipsed by Boise State, who have an ongoing home winning streak of 62 games.

Did Benji Marshall play in any of the state of origins?

No, he is a Kiwi therefor ineligible for any of the State of Origin games which are for Australians only.

How many consecutive 100-yard games did former Running Back Eddie George achieve while at Ohio State?


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