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Q: What would you include in a request for a company to sponsor your sports team?
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What is something that companies are likely to engage in with famous well publicized sports teams?

A company may sponsor a team so the company's name appears on the players' kit. They may sponsor the match ball. They may also sponsor their company advertising round the arena or stadium.

Is Nike a company?

Nike is an international company which is well known for its swoosh logo. Nike is closely associated with athletics and sports where they sponsor a wide variety of teams.

Does coca-cola sponsor sports?

the olympics

Does apple sponsor any sports teams?


How can you use the word sponsor in a sentence?

Under Armor is a sponsor of the Temple University sports teams.

What does official sponsor mean?

An official sponsor of an event or organization contributes money or other assets to the organizations or organizers of the event usually in exchange for the right to advertise its connection to the event or organization. For example a sports shoe company might become an official sponsor for an athletic event or athletic organization.

How can I get EA Sports to sponsor a youth soccer team?

Ask them

How does it help sponsors if sports persons wear their logos?

It is good for the sponsor as it gets the company name where people can see it. The more popular the sports person is, the better. Like having your logo on Usain Bolt's shirt would be a great ad for your company because millions watch him when he runs.

Which websites have the best reputation regarding sports sponsorship?

There are a number of reputable sports sponsorship sites that are available on the web. The web companies Hookit, Sponsor Space, and Sponsor House, for example, each provide this service.

What sports does Emirates Airline sponsor in China?

FIFA Women's World Cup

What does the company Dunham sell?

Dumham Sports is an American Sports and fitness company located in mainly the north east states of America. Product for sale include: footwear, apparel, games and outdoors equipment.

How does sponsorship work?

A sponsor is an established person who helps get someone else get established. It is used this way when we talk about sponsoring an immigrant. It is also used for sports teams, artistic groups and so on, who, in exchange for a sum of money which the sponsor pays, allow the sponsor to unashamedly market their product through that group.