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Some failed sports sponsorships have been when Polaroid tried to sponsor NASCAR but then went bankrupt.

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Q: What are some sponsorships that have failed in sports?
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Do all sports stars have sponserships?

No, not all sports stars have sponsorships. Generally the elite athletes, which corporations think would be a good selling tool, are the only athletes who get sponsorships.

What is the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR?

The purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more attraction and fans. In addition, the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more support for race car sports.

How much money is spent by corporations on sports marketing sponsorships annually?

500 million

What sports does Gatorade sponsor?

Gatorade sponsors many sports from basketball to soccer and more. They also have sponsorships for high school students and a player of the year program.

What are good places to call to get Mission Trip sponsorships?

Christian families,chuches and NGO's are some of the good places to get the Mission Trip sponsorships.

Does sport funding come out of taxes?

No. It comes from fan support. -- It depends on what country you live in. Some Governments provide a sports fund that is allocated to develop health and welfare of people within communities. These are of course tax funded. Professional sports are funded by sponsorships, prize winning, advertising and merchandising.

Does do any corporate sponsorships?

Marketing Marketing Sponsorships Nonprofit/Donations

What is the salary of a weight lifter?

Nothing it's an amatuer sport. You might make some money through sponsorships.

How do you sell sponsorships?

Here is a post on using Sponsorship Factory to sell sponsorships.

From where are the ipl teams getting there profit?

Sponsorships and Advertisements

What kind of sponsorships does Chris Leak promote?

Chris Leak currently promotes college football sponsorships. He started his career when he received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida.

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