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David Beckham was disgraced at a world cup in 1998 because he was sent off, causing England to lose to Argentina on penalties. However, he redeemed himself just before the 2002 world cup when a great free kick against Greece saw England qualify for the world cup.

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Q: Why was david beckham disgraced at one world cup?
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Was david beckham playing in fifa world cup Brazil?

David Beckham did not play in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

What was David Beckham squad cup in world cup 1998?

David Beckham wore the jersey number 7.

David bechkam is he playing world cup 2010?

No David Beckham will not be playing in the 2010 world cup as he is injured.

Will David Beckham play in the 2010 world cup?

no are you crazy?

How many world cups has David Beckam won?

David Beckham has never won a World Cup

How many times has David Beckham been in the World Cup?


What team does david beckham play for in the FIFA World Cup?

In the 2010 Fifa world cup, he plays for nobody!

Who is the youngest player to score a goal in soccer world cup as at 2004 David Beckham deigo maradona or Pele?

David Beckham was the youngest player in 1994 to score a goal. Pele had already retired by then.

What is the name of the England captain who is out of the World Cup due to injury?

David Beckham

Who wore number 7 for England at the 1998 world cup?

David Beckham.

What team does becks play for in the world cup?

David Beckham played for England.

Who was England's top scorer 2006 world cup?

David Beckham